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How to Convert Image to Word on Android Device

By |June 24, 2019|Android|

Have you ever started working on a project or a presentation just to find out that piece of content you wanted to use was pasted as an image instead of text? Frustrating right? Have you then spent the next few hours typing text into boxes, diagrams or tables thinking how [...]

How To Enable Google Play Protect(Android)

By |October 2, 2018|Android, Trending|

Google Play Store is the most trusted platform to download/install apps for Android users. But in recent times, Google has dropped down thousands of counterfeit apps from Google Play store.  As many bad actors(developers) are deploying cloned apps of popular or legitimate apps and deploying them the Play store. Such [...]

Android Infected? All tips and tricks to get rid of it.

By |August 3, 2018|Android|

If your Android Infected with Virus, then you must read this article. Viruses don’t only attack the computer or laptops but they can target your Android devices also. And trust me its very common thing nowadays. There are various scenarios by which virus can attack your device. In fact, Android is [...]

How To Boost The Speed Of Your Android Smartphone

By |July 30, 2018|Android|

How To Boost The Speed Of Your Android Smartphone This article will show you 7 Quick Tips To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone In Less Than 7 Minutes. Offering numerous advantages Android Smartphone is getting popular among gadget lovers.  Nowadays phones are not limited to make calls, send a message, [...]

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