A Guide To Educational Apps-Why you should choose it for your children

A Guide To Educational Apps-Why you should choose it for your childrenSmartClass and E-learning have vastly appreciated methodology for children. As per experts analysis use of Smartphone among children are growing as they are living in the world of technology, educational apps and gadgets.

This is spreading its root from the very early age of one and a half years.
What if to make this idea better for children? And why not to take this root flourished by adopting right way – Educational Apps.

What is Educational Apps?

Smartphones, tablets and smart gadgets make our life easier. And apps give them the extra ability to be more useful for us. We have apps for everything from banking to entertainment to productivity.

So why the education left behind???

Now the educational system in schools is also transforming into smart classes, e-learning, and various other interactive models.
Educational apps are just like a personal teacher, guide, and assistant to the children that individually focus them.

Educational apps are available for age groups and for all subjects. They are built considering the minds and thinking power of children. Since the apps are developed with user-friendly interface, fun games, cartoon characters help them to engage them in learning process.
Thus they stay active and fresh even after continuous hours of study.

But, yes, parents and teachers should also be attentive as to what they are getting from it and which educational apps should they choose.

So here, we would like to help understand the benefit of educational apps and also list of the popular apps you can have for your child.

Benefits of Educational Apps:

Educational Apps are best suited for children of all ages. Since it makes the ease of learning with fun. As, children are more driven towards smartphone and gadgets, so it’s a better idea to engage children with fun learning.

Let’s have a look at the various aspects of educational apps and e-learning:

Introducing New Learning Methods:

With educational apps-children, parents and teachers are all benefited by innovative, visual and easy learning. Children’s can visualize numbers, alphabets and things with the help of images, fun stories, and engaging concepts.

e-learning and Online Study:

Nowadays, children need quick answers for their queries. Not all the time teachers and parents can be present to answer the queries. And also a child mind grows more rapidly, so it is very important to solve their queries quickly and in a most satisfying way. So, e-learning, online tutorials, educational apps make it easy for children to access the wide library of online or e-learning with the help of educational apps.

Also, they provide assistance through experts, videos, and communities where children can discuss their questions. Such things build up more interest among children.

Focused learning:

In a class, there are around 40 students per teacher. Of Course, the basics which children study in school is the best, it is not possible for the teacher so solve all the queries of the students in a class individually.
So, there might be a gap in the student mind which if not filled can make it bigger and lastly it may lose its interest in that subject.
This gap can be filled outside the class through educational apps, e-learning, videos, and tutorials. This will build up confidence in the child and make it ready to face the challenge coming on its way.

Educational Apps helps teachers and parents too:

Parents and teachers can too take the help of the apps to engage students with new ideas of learning. A teacher or parents do not always have time to prepare extra activities for the children like quizzes, fun games, debate topics and so on.
With the help of apps, they always have new things to try with students and children’s at their home, new topics, examples, visuals, and materials. There are also various apps that will help parents to track their educational growth, improvement tips and guidance.
So building a new module for learning will fill the gap between children and parents as well as help teachers to make their class sessions more interactive and engaging.

Now, here we have tried and tested various educational apps that are widely accepted as popular educational apps.

Let’s check out and decide which suits the best for your child and you.

The Best Educational Apps

BrainPOP Apps:

BrainPOP has a number of educational apps, stories, fun quizzes, learning videos based on various age group of children. Kids can even enjoy featured movies that add latest, fresh and innovative contents each day. The best part of the app is that it covers all topics in technology, social studies, math, science, music, arts, and health.List of popular educational apps

In fact, BrainPOP helps to connect both student and teacher with fun and educational apps. Also, contains Kid-friendly and amusing movies covering an extensive range of topics. kids can enjoy daily featured movie free but most videos require a subscription.

It is both available to kids in free and subscription on various platforms like App store, Google PlayStore, Amazon Appstore and Windows Store.

For more information, you can visit BrainPOP Apps.

Motion Math:

It offers an innovative and interactive way of learning math. By using Motion Math, learners pick up their capability to recognize and estimate fractions in multiple forms. This app is built focusing on the minds of children like using kids-friendly images, cartoons, learning math with games and so on.MotionMath educational app

It’s a must try educational apps for kids of growing age that help children foundation of math. It empowers kids and keeps them engaged with earning.

For more information on Motion Math visit: Motionmathgames.com


It’s the most popular learning app for toddlers and kids of age 4-7. ABCMouse educational app is featured with plenty of ABC fun learning, short games and exercise modules.

ABCMouse popular educational app
Along with that, it has a huge collection of read-to-me books and sing-along songs that targets kiddos. preschool going toddlers and elementary children. It also helps the parents to more engaging with the fun activities.
ABCMouse app comes with the monthly subscription of $7.99 that gives access to all the features on all platforms like apps on smartphones, tablets, and websites too. The app is available on iPhone/iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire.

For more information Visit: ABCMouse.com

DragonBox Algebra 5+:

This app teaches the new way of learning algebra through interactive images, learning models and games. It helps the children of age 6-8 to easily learn the basics of algebra and its operations. Algebra learning can never be fun, but this app teaches the child algebra with ten fun loving chapters. The app is available on iPhone/iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire.dragonboxalgebra-5 educational app
For more information, you can visit: DragonBox Algebra 5+


MeeGenius is a reading app for young audiences. It includes read-to-me stories and fictional and non-fictional books featured with highlighted words. This world of digital books will help build the young minds the habit of reading.

MeeGenius educational app
MeeGenius comes with a monthly subscription of $4.99. But it also has a free book of the day feature without having subscribed. The app is available on iPhone/iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire.

For More Information Visit: MeeGenius

Besides these, there are various elementary educational apps for every age groups that you can easily get from play stores, app store, Amazon store.
And we will also keep updating this column for you. visit again and find more helpful educational apps.
Leave us your comments if you have any other useful app, we will surely add them on our list.

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