Haven’t though of using password managers yet? After reading this article you may like give a try.

Have you ever thought of how some websites display the strength of your password as very weak, weak, moderate, strong and very strong? Well, the tool that is used for detecting these levels is called password manager.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a significant tool when it comes to security of any sort, related to online activity. If you want to have all of your password under the unified shed of an encrypted roof, then believe me, nothing can serve you better than a password manager. But don’t remain under the false notion that this is the only work that a password manager can do.

Retentivity is the primary advantage of having a password manager. It can generate the password of best strength and that too following the user’s customization.

Now you might ask that what is the use of such a retentivity?

My dear, in today’s time we have different apps and accounts for various actions and needs, and of course different actions give birth to the need of different sets of websites, apps and accounts. To retain the users, now a-days website and apps ask users to create account for them on their platform. Signing up anywhere means you are feeding your personal details like username, mobile number, e-mail id and of course, password.

So, if a user chooses to use different passwords for different websites, then he or she will have to maintain a separate notebook or database for storing the names of the websites with respective passwords. This is itself very risky. On top of that, if the user forgets the password, then comes the problems of forget passwords or One Time Passwords generated for accounts where the mobile number or email ID is linked.

In the event, if the mobile number is not linked or out of the reach of the user at that very point of time, then the only option left is verification through e-mail id. But there too, in most of the cases, the user can surely face the barrier of “security questions” which we often forget.

So for all these problems, the one and only solution that resides is nothing but implementation of a password manager.

Now let’s come to the points which reflect the use and need for the password manager in a comprehensive way–

Here is the 7 Ways Password Managers Can Be Helpful


The best utility of the password manager is that using a password manager, one can create a master password in order to access his or her identity vault. After the successful creation of the password, its the password manager’s responsibility to fill in the respective user IDs and passwords that are needed for the respective websites and application software used. The primary advantage of this facility is that the user is not needed to remember and recall the password. The password manager does that job with efficiency.


Now as we know about retentivity, it doesn’t mean that the password and username combinations will have to be fixed for all sites and apps. The password manager has the capability to remember and use the login credentials for all sites and apps once registered. Using a password manager shall almost disconnect your need to click the “Forgot  Password” option because, there is no need to remember them.


Online payments have become a necessity these days. As a result, while making any important payment from a site you already registered and paid via online, the password manager facilitates the storage of credit or debit card numbers. In this way, the flexibility of payment increases and one needs to provide only some details like the CVV number for card or the one time password for confirming any transaction of the desired amount. This not only saves much of the time, but also makes the payment more secure as you do not have to save your sensitive details to the web browsers.


Syncing the password managers to all other devices that you use, facilitates you in a great way. If you have the password manager in your tablet, you can use the application or website form it whenever you want irrespective of the fact whether you opened your account in that website or app through any device. Thus, you can see, that password managers are extremely helpful and essential for today’s online activities.

Cyber Security:-

With encryption as the unified shelter of all passwords under the surveillance of password managers. It is absolutely needless to say, that security has least loop holes in this case as they are not stored on your system, browsers or within the third-party apps. Also, a trusted password manager always have high-grade security and data within it are fully encrypted.

The auto-fill data and automatic passwords generated within the password managers are end-to-end secure. Making it difficult for any challenge for the hackers to get hold of the passwords. It is also much needed tool for people having crypto-wallets, as cyber-criminals are targeting the owners of crypto-currency to steal their login credentials and transfer all virtual coins silently. So cyber security is way more enhanced in the presence of password managers.

Easy change of passwords:-

Although the need to change passwords becomes almost negligible with the use of password managers, but in the event that it’s needed, password managers offer easy ways to carry out this process. It provides the option of a built-in password generator to change the password for the respective website or application software.

Sharing passwords:-

If one holds a joint account in any app or website with his or her family members, friends, business partners, colleagues or any other acquaintances, then sharing of passwords in order to be able access the same account becomes necessary. Password managers provide easy options to facilitate such activities, without damaging the fence of cyber security.

So, these were the 7 Ways Password Managers Can Be Helpful. Based on the above scenarios, we have tried and tested various password manager tools. Of course,  you may also like to explore some.

Here what we are recommending is- Dashlane why?


Dashlane is a cross-platform password manager tool that is best-in class in terms of features and convenience. It offers its users a secure virtual vault. Now, you will be astonished to know that these virtual vaults have virtual lockers. Each of these lockers are assigns to distinct websites and application software. Each of these lockers contain the combinations of username and password for the respective accounts in the websites used by the customer. Due to its virtual existence, the sets of username and password remain safe here.

Dashlane password manager

Dashlane password manager

What makes Dashlane the best?

Well, Dashlane believes in “zero-knowledge technology“. This means that it offers a master password that is the only thing user has to maintain.  For any other account or information of any user for any websites is not transmitted online or stored in some database. Even the engineers you look after the growth and development of this password manager tool have no access to the master passwords of any user. As there is no involvement of middleman, so we can very well conclude that the security of users’ accounts are not in danger with Dashlane.

By using the highest technology of encryption, Dashlane prevents its users from the clutches of remote attacks or phishing.

Lets check quickly check out the key features of Dashlane:

Key Features Of Dashlane

    • Easy sync across all devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.
    • Available in forms of web extensions for all popular web browsers.
    • No need to remember any passwords accept one master password
    • Securely keeps all login information and passwords and organized.
    • With strong Security architecture and real-time security updates helps protect sensitive information.
    • Secure auto-fill forms and access login credentials for almost all apps and websites on all devices anywhere.
    • Email and credit card monitoring.
    • Dark web monitoring and Secure VPN in-built.


From remembering data in real-time across different devices to providing various free service to users. Dashlane has won the trust of numerous tech-savvy individuals, companies as well as cyber-security officials. By giving it a try, one can surely exercise absolute control over his or her digital security.


Dashlane comes with both free and paid plans.

Free plan: It offers the users to store and manage up to 50 passwords on one device.  You can upgrade to the premium plans for $4.99/month or $9.99/month.

Paid Plans: It offers two plans of premium and premium plus, costing users to $4.99/month or $9.99/month respectively.

Although, some user may find the price a bit more as compared with other password manager tools. But it is the unique features that counts. Security can never be tested, so with the latest version of Dashlane you can gify yourself a bundle of assurance and relieve from remembering, storing, managing lots of card data and more.

So, if you decide to select the best password manager for your safety then Dashlane is a must try. As it also chosen by more than a hundred million people across the globe.

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