Though digital photography has many serious advantages over traditional photo films, yet in terms of security digital photos scores less than the former. With any kind of drive failure and incorrect clicks all these digital photos can be lost. Without any proper backup you will not have any way to retrace them back.

Why Backing up your Photos and media files is important?

Why Photo Back Up Is Important

Why Photo Back Up Is Important

Statistics say that most of the people who have lost their photos and documents that had been stored on digital interface could do nothing for the retrieval of those. As simply because they had ignored the back up of those. They were rest assured that your computer’s drive, smartphone chips and USB are enough to secure them.

No, it’s absolutely not secure.

Not only in terms of accidental deletion or system crash. But the most important motive behind this information is to secure your privacy against cyber bullies. Any physical device like computers, mobile phones, chips within the cameras are prone to cyber-attacks like ransomware. Thus, a secure backup solution is very important to prevent such loss.

Losing photos is not merely restricted to losing memories, but can lead to catastrophic outcomes including severe negative impacts on work as you have some important data stored stored in that format.

So, before any hardware/software malfunctioning or careless activities devastatingly erases all your digital photo memory, it is highly recommended that you start backing up your photos.

Here are 7 effective ways to backup your photos: –

7 effective ways to backup your photos

Schedule Auto Backups:-

Keep your devices PCs, smartphones synced with online accounts that will keeps a regular backup of your photos and other digital media. so that even if you forget to back up your device, it will do it automatically. It is always better to create 2-3 backup using different devices and locations. Store these photos in separate folders with respective names like backup1 & backup2.

These are the two basic but most primitive steps which if followed in the due course of time will effectively save you from disastrous loses.

Computer Hard Drive: –

You can store your photos from mobile devices to the hard drive of your computer. But if you choose to do so, then you should keep the file and folders in an encrypted format. So that you can be rest assured that it is safe & secure. Even if there are children or other people using the same computer or device, then it will assure privacy.

There are various tools which can help you do so like Dashlane, APO encryption tool, Hidden Toolbox. Nevertheless, computer drives are also not completely safe because they might fail at times.

Microfilms: –

Although, it’s an old-school way to keeping the backups. But if you have some important photos, which you never want to lose, then it is better idea of store in microfilms. All mobiles, laptops and hard drives store these photos in a small chip. It is not very uncommon for these to fail out all of a sudden. One of the most secure and effective ways of storing digital photos are microfilms. You can convert the photos into microfilms and store them for ages.

If not otherwise tampered these microfilms are not destroyed even in hundreds of years. All print media houses have been effectively storing all their formerly issues for years through these microfilms. However, the fact that microfilm printers are expensive makes it improbable to be used on individual personal levels.

Hard Copy :-

For those photo stuffs which are more than important and can literally have disastrous effects upon being lost must be preserved through hard copies. These must be printed within time. The whole idea of photo backup even being a basic need to be reinforced from time to time just because of the sheer fact we forget to do so. We realize the importance only when it is lost. Though of course this has the disadvantage that we cannot carry them all along.

Account Syncing :-

You can effectively use various free accounts on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud and so on for regular backup of your photos. These syncing services store the data like photos, files, documents within their respective storage services. You can access them anywhere on any of your device by logging in. But before you do, let us aware you about some of its disadvantages too;

  • These online drives are limited to 2-15 GB for a free account. Then you need to purchase more storage.
  • They do not provide full-encryption or security. If your device is logged in, then any one can access them.

Cloud Storage Services: –

These are the most secure option to backup your photos. These are cloud storage services that has no physical contact from your device. They are fully-encrypted and can only be accessed by the owner. The best part is that you don’t have to spare additional time to sit down with them and do all the backup, they will automatically create a backup every time. The task on your part is to sign in these online services and simply initiate the first time back up. They keep on running in the background and every time they recognize any new file, they will auto scan the files to create respective backups copies.

There are various such cloud services but we tried “EaseUS Backup Solution” that is compatible with both mobile and desktop versions. It is one of the leading cloud backup solutions that not only securely backups your files and allows easy access anywhere and anytime.


EaseUS Todo backup

EaseUS Todo backup

We recommend- EaseUS Todo Backup is a leading cloud solution. It protects your system and data from ransomware and makes file recovery easy in case of ransomware attack.



  • Uses automatic and custom backup options. You can either select specific files, folders, directories and even create a clone of entire Drive.
  • It compresses file images to save space, and encrypt the files to prevent it from Ransomware/malware attacks.
  • Uses smart backup, which keeps on checking for any updates every half an hour. And does a full-backup of every 7 day.
  • For instant backup of any file, just select files/folders–> right-click in Window Explorer and add to Smart Backup .
  • Allows access of data anytime, anywhere.

Its a worth trying product, when it comes to protecting the privacy.

Photo Recovery Software: –

In Spite of all these measures if by chance any mishap occurs, no need to freak out. You can always have a trusted photo recovery software installed which will help you to restore your photos. You can always check out the how to recover permanently deleted photos. If you have accidentally deleted your photos from system drives, hard disk, USB drives, then they cannot be recovered manually.

In this case users think that they have lost their photos and media files forever. But fortunately, here is the solution to recover them.


In this digital world, we want to be connected to our data, apps and devices everywhere and access them with one touch of finger. So, people should change the conception that their photographs on digital interfaces are safe forever. They are not safe until they are fully secure. With proper backup strategies you can prevent your sufferings from losing your private memories. Hope these 7 effective ways to back up your photos will help you to safeguard your memories.

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