A Computer Infected With Malware-Watch out for these Signs

This happens almost with all of us. Someday-sometime, while working on our computer system, suddenly unexpected things happens.

Is Viruses or any Malware attack is the reason behind the sluggish computer performance or crash down.
The whole computer gets messed up, even the browsers act weird. Are these a sign of computer infected with Malware?

Unfortunately-”Yes”, it is the Malware or other sorts of a destructive virus.
What scenario can lead to such a consequence?

In this article, we will try to put all the signs your computer could show while being infected with a Malware.

So let’s have a look at them:

System slowdown:

First and foremost sign which your Computer gives you is system slowdown:

Many users say “My computer is taking too much time to start or load my applications”. Or
“My laptop screen freezes each time I play games or run any application” or “My computer is crashing when I watch Youtube videos or play games”.
This can be due to any malware hosting inside your computer system without your permission. It is too much annoying to see your computer loading slowly or application getting sluggish. Even it affect your browsing activities.
Malware generally starts various background activities that consume huge system resources. This makes the system slowdown.
So, system slowdown or crash is an indication of the presence of viruses or Malware on your computer.

Pop-up Ads:

You see annoying pop-up ads or alerts on your computer screen or while browsing

Like as we not always like uninvited guests at our home, just like this annoying pop-ups appears unexpectedly on your computer screen. This is a common sign of a malware infection.
The pop-ups are so frequent that you may not be able to stop them and worst thing is that its removal is also a bit tricky. Because you may not know its actual source of its arrival.
Malware may attack your computer through fake pop-up links that attempt tricky approaches to lurk users.
There are varieties of pop-up ads which can drop any infection on your computer:

  • Fake window on your browser asking to update/install flash player;
  • Deceptive alert about your computer is infected;
  • Misleading pop-ups like “You have won an iPhone or voucher”.

Such pop-ups are designed by cyber criminals to drop malicious software programs onto the computer. These programs are designed to take control over the activities and collect all sensitive data like passwords and other personal information without your knowledge. And use them in illicit activities, frauds, and identity-thefts.
Security experts strongly recommend to NEVER CLICK on a suspicious pop-up Ads!

Change in default Web Browser settings:

At times, it happens we start our browser and everything seems to be strange. You may notice your default homepage, new tab and search engine substituted with any unknown one. Along with that, strange toolbars added without your permission.

You get completely puzzled at that time. You never do anything like that….

Then how and when it happened..You then think “is my browser infected with virus?”
And we tell you how.
You visit any web page that redirects to any third-party page that recommending you any web extension or just you downloaded any freeware. This triggers the changes on your browser without letting you know. Since then, you see various strange activities on your browser.
This is a clear sign of malware infection.
In such scenario what should you do?
Run a complete scan to your computer with powerful anti-malware security software without any delay.
As such type of threats are tricky and they do not allow the manual removal. If resetting the browser may not work for you.

Spam emails are sent from your account:

Suddenly your friend calls you up to say getting strange messages/links from your account like mail, Facebook or any such platform.

But how’s this possible, you didn’t send them.

Unfortunately, these days various malware are spreading through Facebook, you tube and email spams which trick users by clicking them on their malicious links. These links from sent from hackers through imitating legitimate platforms like any invoice, job offers and mail attachment from higher authority.

However these are tricks, and if you click on them then the malicious link will straight away download the malware onto your computer. So, if you see any random mails or messages containing any attachment or link sent to your contacts, then it might be a sign on infection.

Take on the security measures to secure your online accounts to stop such spams and then scan your whole computer to remove any suspicious program or malware.

Error and Warnings: 

Error messages appear unexpectedly on your computer screen. These messages warn you about any missing file, unknown application error, disk full or background application consuming too much memory.
These warnings come one after another and flood the whole computer screen.

This is a clear indication of any malicious program controlling activities within the background. You may not find any unknown application within the control panel as they keep their identity hidden and run within the system’s background.

Scan Your Computer:

Run a deep scan to your computer including drives, directories, and applications. Also make to regularly update your Operating system, software applications, and anti-virus. As any security flaw could allow malware to enter your computer.


Viruses and Malware are constantly updating themselves and have now become more sophisticated. You can possibly get them from any incautious online activity, downloading freeware, spam mail links, visiting suspicious web pages or updating your software programs from unverified links.
So take note of all these, and take proper preventive measures to stay protected against malware attacks.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Visit any for more such security updates. Leave your valuable comments.

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