Now as we have entered in 2019, we already started working on our resolutions to make 2019 even better year. Living with the mistakes of past never lead you to a better future. Some have financial plans, weight loss plans , giving more time to their family and friends so on. If this is true, then why not change the way to our tech lives. Yes, you should definitely do it.

Technology are now an integral part of our lives, we can’t even start our morning walk without them. Either our smartphones, smartwatch, fitness trackers, tablets, smart speakers, Laptops and thousands of apps controlling them. It is not wrong to say that technology plays a central role in managing our daily activities in home or in office. So, don’t leave them available to be misused.

Here is the 5 Tech Resolutions That Will Make Your 2019 Safer:

  • Review your privacy settings of all gadgets(Better set them to Advanced)

    Tech Resolutions 2019

    Tech Resolutions 2019

Normally, smartphones, tablets and smart speakers have a default security settings. But it is not enough to protect your privacy and data on the device. Like if you have set to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Then, it is very possible that unwanted or malicious apps can be installed within the background and without asking your permission.

Also, you should restrict ad-services, add lock screen passwords, block push notifications of apps and also limit the access to personal information of apps. And better to uninstall application that is no more of use. It is always advised to read the privacy policy of the Apps you choose to install.

  • Keep It Synced

We all think that our files saved in system drives, memory cards, phone memory are safe and tamper free. But it is fact, they are don’t. We don’t know exactly the how to protect our data, files and important documents. We don’t feel the need to do it because may be we have not faced any ransomware attack or accidental deletion or system crash. But if something like that has happened to you then, you must start backing up your data.
Again data backups in removable drives can even go infected, so it is always better to use a cloud backup service to prevent any accidental loss of data.

Tech Resolutions 2019

Tech Resolutions 2019


There are various free cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many so. Although they provide like up to 15GB-20GB of free data-storage after that you need to upgrade the storage. Also there are various cloud-storage service like SOS Online Backup, that can help you keep your data save from any sort of cyber attacks.

  1. Delete cluster of files that you don’t need.
  2. Organize your system and phone drivers by syncing them with Gmail account.
  3. Use VPN and Password managers like DashLane to keep your passwords at one place.

Its now or never, take a little time from your weekend schedules to rethink about how secure you are.

  • Never Ignore important Updates

Updates are actually annoying, when we are working on our laptops or just having a conversation with our phones. We usually click on “Remind me later” or “Not Now“ to the update notifications. But keeping your software, apps and device versions up-to-date is the least we should do to secure them from threats. As threats generally spread through exploiting the vulnerabilities of software. Updating them fix any bug or patches that occur to it.

Tech Resolutions 2019

Tech Resolutions 2019


So next time, your device ask for updates sit relaxed, read a book, cook some delicious food, go for a walk with your pet and let your device be updated.

  • Don’t stick to the mentality of “it can’t happen to me”

Whenever we read any news of cyber attacks, frauds or system infected, this one thing sure comes in our mind. But like it is said “never say never”…

Tech Resolutions 2019

Tech Resolutions 2019

I say why not…? We are all a part of this digital ecosystem. We do online transactions, spend a lot of time surfing, downloading tons of free applications and so. Hackers will never hesitate to attack you, even if you are cautious.
It is always better to have a real-time anti-malware protection that updates you of any suspicious action on your system.

Cyber criminals are exploring sophisticated ways of attacking the system like the recent one is DarkHyrus Trojan that abuses Google Drive to install RogueRobin malware and steal all personal data.
So, invest a little in securing your device.

  • Configure Parental controls and Limit access to other users

If you have children at home or even family members using the device, then you should be careful to granting a limited access to it. Like many times, children, order food, link on the purchase link, click on ads while watching YouTube or so. This can trouble you in many ways.

Tech Resolutions 2019

Tech Resolutions 2019

Configuring Parental control within the smart home appliances, apps and gadgets is a must to secure your privacy.


All in all, security is a matter of concern and we should take it seriously. Also tech experts advice to limit the use of screens for just surfing, checking social accounts, taking selfies, watching videos or playing games. These are actually affecting our productivity. Technology is much more than that, so better use them wisely and for productive things.

Also, this leaves a bad impact on a child as they spend too much time on gadgets. To avoid this, limit your apps times that will automatically stop you or your children from screens. We can’t stop crimes, accidents and we can be prepared to face it. So, take on these 5 Tech Resolutions That Will Make Your 2019 Safer. 

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