Are you a beginner struggling to push more traffic to your website? Being a startup it is a difficult task to get traffic and improve performance of the website easily. Sometimes, you put a lot of time, effort and money to improve the performance of your website, but when things don’t get in our way..

WE feel demotivated or stuck. What should we do? Investing lots of money sometimes even don’t work..

It’s just you need to be on the right track, follow proper SEO rules and regularly check for any performance issues. Because while Google crawls, it also checks for the website speed and performance to place in the top of the search results.

In such case, it is very important to get proper audit report of how your website is performing on different metrics like:

  • Server Response;
  • Resource load over HTTPS;
  • Site Blacklist warnings;
  • Website Performance Audit;
  • Any Broken or Dead Links on your site;
  • IPv6 Test and many such things;

All these things can impact your website performance and restrict from reaching the correct audience.

To check all these facts, you may not always need to reach out to an expert. There are various free and paid audit tools are present that can be a savior for you.

In this post, we are going to list some awesome free audit tools offered by GeekFlare to improve website performance. The best part is that you can use these tools yourself with much ease to get precise reports and plan an action to resolve it.

Check Out The Top 5 Free Audit Tools To Improve Website Performance

  • Website Performance Audit:

With this tool, you can easily find your website’s performance that tests the site against more than 40 metrics. Check out the link for free and quick full site audit.

5 Free Audit Tools To Improve Website Performance-Website audit Tool

Website audit Tool

You just need to enter your URL and start audit.

  • Broken Link Checker:

Broken link or dead links can have a negative impact on your site’s performance.


Not only that, it also impacts the reputation of the site as when the Googlebot crawls the links on the website, and if the URL is dead it returns a 404 page. If this happens a number of times, then this can affect the traffic. So, quickly checkout here for any broken or dead links on your site, here.

  • Blacklist Lookup:

Sometimes, it happens that our site has some unsafe contents or links due to bad SEO, sharing or bugs. In this case, you can get warnings from Google Analytics that your site may be blacklisted. It is very important to know that your site is following the rightful policies and does not contain any malicious stuff.

Blacklist checker

Blacklist checker

Here, Blacklist lookup tool can test if you site have blacklisted resources, so you can easily remove them before your site gets completely blacklisted by Google or other search engines.

  • Ping Test:

Even with your mush efforts like unique contents, right action plan and correct on-page and off-page SEO. You may struggle to get a better rank on Google. One of the deciding factors are website’s speed and performance.

Ping Test

Ping Test

Thus, it is very important to keep monitoring the Website speed regularly. A faster load-time and performance on various devices like Desktop, Mobile and tablets gives a major reason to Googlebot to rank your page.

A better performance increases more audience retention, engagement and traffic and ultimately leads converting to sales.

  • Mixed Content Checker:

At times, your site may show Mixed content errors for which is a greater impact to the site’s reputation. As it means your website contains some non-secure (HTTP) contents along with secure (HTTPS) contents. Due to this you may not see the SSL PadLock secure icon on your website.

Mixed Content Test

Mixed Content Test

If your site contains non-secure content then it can be accessed or modified by hacker or remote attackers even if you have main page is served over HTTPS. This also makers the visitors hesitated to engage to your site as they see site link as not safe to click. Thus, you this quick Mixed Content Checker tool, you can test if your site’s resources loads over HTTP.


These quick website audit tools will surely help you to acknowledge any serious issues on your website that may impact the overall performance. After getting a trace of all the issues you can now easily reach out to an expert and discuss issues to resolve them.
You must check out these 5 Free Audit Tools To Improve Website Performance that will help you to plan the rightful actions to improve your website performance. Other than the above mentioned tools, there are many such audit tools available for free-check out here. ?

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